Parent Tips

Thanks for your interest and support of The Helper Hare™. For those of us that have kids, teach kids, or are even just around kids, know that sometimes we all could use a little help them. The Helper Hare™ is a fun character that children will love and associate with being helpful and good. The best part about The Helper Hare™ is that it is up to you on how you want to use it. While the Hares loves helping out at Easter, they also like to be helpful throughout the year. Our ultra soft plush toy is a great tool and activity for any home, school, daycare or place children may need a little bit of encouragement. The Helper Hare™ can be used day to day, or any way you like. Make it fun and occasionally have The Helper Hare™ show up, just to check in and say hi. Your kids will love the surprise visit and will be reminded to be responsible, helpful, and good. The Helper Hare™ has endless possibilities, and is only limited by your creativity. Have fun and enjoy The Helper Hare™